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SHINee/f(x) Drabble Set 3
yeah we had a real damn good time
And, yaaaaaaay!! We have Set 3 or my randomness boredom SHINee/f(x) drabbles!! :D :3 My personal favorite would be the couple that appears in my icon, because I can totally imagine the whole thing. =)) Anyway, here you go guys. :D :)

Onew/Sulli – teddy bears
teddy bearsCollapse )

Jonghyun/Amber – long plane rides
long plane ridesCollapse )

Minho/Krystal – midnight phone conversations
midnight phone conversationsCollapse )

Taemin/Victoria – step by step
step by stepCollapse )

Key/Luna – you’ll regret it
you'll regret itCollapse )

Yay for Set 3. :3 Too bad it's nearing the end though. :( But nonetheless, it's not like I'll stop writing SHINee/f(x) anyway. :)) They are too shippable for me not to write. :') Anywayyy, hope you guys enjoyed reading it and comments are very much appreciated! ♥ :)

SHINee/f(x) Drabble Set 2
i'll write your name in my songs
A day late, sorry. :( But whatever. :)) Anyway, here is part 2 of my boredom SHINee/f(x) Drabble sets! Yay. :D Here you goooo. Oh, and one is particularly long because I could not stop writing, but I cut it down anyway. :)) Guess which one that is. ;)

Onew/Amber – incomplete
incompleteCollapse )

Jonghyun/Luna – is that what i think it is?
is that what I think it is?Collapse )

Minho/Victoria – head over heart
head over heartCollapse )

Taemin/Krystal – so that’s how you wanna play it
so that's how you wanna play itCollapse )

Key/Sulli – what i’m thankful for
what I'm thankful forCollapse )

Oh, btw, Happy Birthday Luna!! ^^ Anyway, hope you guys enjoy reading and comments are much appreciated. ♥

SHINee/f(x) Drabble Set 1
this thing that is so called "love"
Okay, so I got bored and decided to do a SHINee/f(x) drabble meme where I make drabbles of all of the pairings that can be done with SHINee and f(x). Then I this awesome pairing generator online (masterlist of all generators here), so I made use of it to get prompts, and here you go. The product of my boredom. ^^ I'll probably be posting every other day, so yea, look out for the other sets in the future. :D

And now, here you go. Set number one. :)

Onew/Victoria – finally
finallyCollapse )

Jonghyun/Sulli - time flies when you're having an affair
time flies when you're having an affairCollapse )

Minho/Luna – first date jitters
first date jittersCollapse )

Taemin/Amber – addiction
addictionCollapse )

Key/Krystal – contests
contestsCollapse )

Product of my boredom, but whatevs, haha. :)) Hope you enjoy and comments are much appreciated! ♥ :D :)

If You Ever Come Back
i'm begging you
Title: If You Ever Come Back
Genre: Romance, Angst
Rating: PG (for super slight language)
Pairing/Focus: Taemin/Sulli
Summary: He turns the knob to the room (their room) and his heart stops when he does not find anything. She's gone.
A/N: Needed to write a fic about Taelli that was not all cutesy-cutesy and fluff, because I think they needed to have their angst moment too. :)) Here's to hoping for more interactions soon. Especially in SMTOWN concerts (because I was spazzing about their recent SMTOWN interaction not too long ago). Haha. :))

The pain was too much. He wanted to keep reading, but each word he read felt like a stab in the heartCollapse )

Hope you guys enjoyed reading and comments are much appreciated. ♥

i'm begging you
Title: Break
Genre: Angst
Rating: G
Pairing/Focus: Luhan/OC
Summary: EXO needed one of their own, a girl group counterpart. She gets picked to be in it. “So, I’m guessing things have to end now, right?” and his heart breaks little by little by the sudden realization because he knows she’s right and he knows this was the consequence of having to choose between your dreams and your heart.
A/N: First time writing about an OC. ^^ I saw this post and this confession both on Tumblr and I had lots of Luhan feels, I don't even know why, so this is the product of my brain. Wut. Yea. XDD Wrote this in probably, more or less, 20 minutes because I just kept typing away and whatever, hahaha. Hope it turns out okay. Well, hope it turns out better than I planned, anyway. Hahaha. Also, I really hope SM does make a girlgroup counterpart for EXO. That way, more ships to ship. Woopee. Enjoy. :)

Maybe their relationship really was doomed from the startCollapse )

Yeheyz for Luhan, woohoo. I wanted to write Baekhyun at first, but I don't why Luhan kept popping in my mind when I was writing this, so I wrote Luhan instead. You can imagine the girl to be whoever, btw. You can even imagine it as you, haha. XDD That's why I purposely didn't put the name in (and also because if SM actually did make a girlgroup counterpart for EXO, and I ship Luhan with one of them, I can imagine her to be this too. Hihi. ^^ Anywany, hope you liked it, and comments are appreciated. ♥

i'm begging you
Title: Nothing
Genre: Romance, Angst
Rating: PG (for super slight language)
Pairing/Focus: Key/Amber (Key-centric)
Summary: That was it, actually. She didn’t say anything. NOTHING. At all. It was then that he realized that yes, she did hear it. But she didn’t say it back.
A/N: Who else misses this couple? I know I do. :( :D Also, I just noticed, but a fair amount of good Keyber fics have been erased from Livejournal. Whyyyyy :(( But, anyway, here is another of mine, and it's based on the song Nothing by The Script. :) Hope you guys enjoy it! :) Btw, I do hope you guys understand the format. It's kind of confusing. ^^; Also, it's in AU and I recommend listening to the song while reading this. :D

And the familiar feeling hurt so much more than the first timeCollapse )

Hope you all had a good time while reading the fic, and once again, sorry if it was confusing. But I do hope you guys get the way it was written. ^^

Comments are much appreciated. ♥

The Annual Journal Revamp!
let's fly away
Okay, annual revamp time! :D =)) Of course, still from fruitstyle. I swearm you should all check the journal out. Awesome layouts, profile codes, Winamp skins, and a lot more. :> And, if course, still Hey! Say! JUMP. My boys will never ever be replaced. :"> ♥

Will be doing a lot of updating soon. Lots of fics coming up, so watch out for that, guys. ;)

That would be all. Byebye.

in every language
Title: Chimes
Rating: PG (for super slight language)
Pairing/Focus: Heechul/Yoona
Summary: Yoona never hears them, she hears her heart cracking instead.
A/N: HEECHUL ENLISTING IN SEPTEMBER I AM NOT READY. ;_____; Actually, I've been wanting to write a Yoonchul fic for a long time, so here I am posting a Yoonchul fic. XDDD Basically, it was Yoona's reaction when she found out about Heechul's sudden enlisting. First Super Generation fic! :) Hoping you like. ^^

He knows he told everyone not to wait, but she was an exceptionCollapse )

I Won't Go
let's fly away
Title: I Won't Go
Rating: G
Pairing/Focus: Jonghyun/Luna (Luna-centric), a bit f(x)/Luna because I'm cool again like that, ninja!Key/Amber
Summary: She wanted to lie. She wanted to tell him that everything was okay (that she was okay) because she didn't want to hurt him even more than he already was.
A/N: Luna's version of the earlier fic I posted? Don't know. Haha. XDD I guess, because I found out about the Luna injury from dancing in Inkigayo, that I had to write another fic about them. Luna's side this time. :> And Luna should get well soon. Please. :( Anyway, here. A bit longer than the earlier one, but still the same I guess. :)) Oh, and there's a ninja!pairing there. Guess who. ;) Oh wait.. I wrote it in the Pairing/Focus thing. Ohwell. XDDD

It was too much for her to handleCollapse )

Fireworks and Colds
i'm begging you
Title: Fireworks and Colds
Rating: G
Pairing/Focus: Jonghyun/Luna (Jonghyun-centric), a bit SHINee/Jonghyun because I'm cool like that
Summary: He didn't turn and face her and talk to her directly because he didn't want her seeing him so vulnerable (so damn weak).
A/N: I literally wrote this in 10 minutes. Hahaha. Actually, I typed it in my phone, then re-typed it again. ^^ I kind of got the idea when I saw this video of Jonghyun and I immediately felt like I had to just write because it was stuck in my head and Jonghyun please stop being like that. Get well soon. :( :( :( Anyway, pretty short. Didn't have much time to edit the thing. Like I said, 10 minutes. XDD So, enjoy. :)

He cracked at her words.Collapse )


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